Privacy policy (standard RGPD) and Terms Of Service (TOS)

Security and protection of personal data

Definitions :

The Provider : The natural or legal person which publishes communication services to an online public.
The Website : All the Websites, the Internet pages and the online services offered by the Provider.
The User : The person who uses the Website and its services.

Type of stored information

In the usage of the Website, the Provider is likely to collect the types of the following data concerning its Users :

  • Civil statues data, ID data, identification data …
  • Connection data (IP address, event logs …)

Aim of the re-use of your personal data

The Provider may process your personal information :

  • For the purpose of providing you with the requested information and/or services (sending commercial offers, …)
  • In order to collect information allowing us to improve our Website (through cookies for example), improve our customer service, contact you by phone or by email,
  • For the elaboration of trade statistics

Identity data collection

The consultation of the Website doesn’t need any subscription or prior identification. It could be performed without giving any personal data about you (surname, name, address, etc…).
We do not record any personal data for the simple consultation of the Website.

Identity data (name, email address, …) is only collected via the contact form on the Website and sent to the following email address :

Data collection of the terminal

Some of the technical data of your device is automatically collected by the Website. This information notably includes IP address, Internet access provider, Hardware configuration, Software configuration, browser type and language… The collection of such data is a need to the provision of services.

The technical data of your device is automatically collected and recorded by the Website, for advertising, commercial and statistical purposes. This information is helping us to personalize and to enhance your experience on our Website. We never collect or maintain any personal data (surname, name, address …) when attached to technical data. The data collection may be sold to third parties.


Duration of the conservation of cookies

In accordance with the recommendation of the CNIL, collected data will be kept for 13 months maximum after being first submit in the terminal of the user, as the time period for validity of the consent of the User on the use of those cookies. The cookie lives are not extended every time you visit. The User’s consent must be renewed after this time.

The function of cookies

Cookies may be used for statistical purposes particularly to optimize the rendered services to the User, from the processing information concerning the access frequency, the customization of pages and the operations performed, as well as information consulted.

You are informed that the Provider might fill your computer with cookies. The cookies record information related to navigation on the Website (the pages you have consulted, date and time of consultation, …) that we will be able to read during your subsequent visits.

Right of the User to decline cookies

You agree that you have been informed that the Provider may use cookies. If you do not want cookies to be used on your device, most browsers allow you to turn off cookies by configuring the settings.

Data aggregation

Aggregation with non-personal information

We may publish, disclose or use any aggregate information (information related to all our Users or to specific groups or categories of Users that we combine such a way that an individual User can no longer be identified or mentioned) and non-personal information for sector or market analysis, demographic profiling, promotional and advertising purposes and other commercial purposes.

Aggregation with personal data available on the User’s social accounts

If you connect your account to another account of a different service in order to make a simultaneous transmission of data, the concerned service will be able to send us information about your profile, your connection, as well as any information of which you have allowed the release. We can aggregate information about all our other Users, groups, accounts, with personal data available about the User.

Communication of personal data to third parties

No communication to third parties

Your personal data is only intended for your exclusive use. However, you are informed that your data may be disclosed in application of a law, a regulation, or in accordance with the decision of a relevant regulatory or judicial authority

Advanced notification for personal data communication to third parties in case of a merger/absorption

In the event that we take part in a merger, acquisition or any form of assets, we will ensure the confidentiality of any personal information and provide notice before personal information is transferred and become subject to a different Privacy Policy.

Data retention period

According to article 6-5° of law n°78-17, dated January 6, 1978 relating to informatics, files and freedom, personal data undergoing processing shall be maintained no longer than strictly necessary for realising the purposes mentioned herein above.

Data wiping facilities are established to plan the effective closure once the storage or archiving period is reached after the implementation of determined or enforced purposes.

Your rights on your data

Within the limits and reservations carried by law (articles 15 to 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation- GDPR), you have the right to access, rectify, delete, limit processing, portability, opposition for legitimate reasons or suppression of your data.

In order to exercise these rights, you must prove your identity and request it by email at the following address :

Transmission of personal data abroad

No transfer outside the European Union

The Provider undertakes not to transfer the personal data of its Users outside the European Union.

Change of the TOS or of the Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping you informed of any substantial change of these TOS, and not to substantially reduce the protected level of your data without your knowledge or consent.

Applicable Law in terms of actions

Arbitration clause

You expressly agree that any dispute that may arise relating to the TOS, in particular, of its interpretation or execution, will likewise be an arbitration procedure under the rule of an arbitration platform chosen jointly by the two parties, to which you will register no matter what.


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